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ERUdyne has put together a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and technologies to solve the ongoing problem every community faces when an emergency impacts a large area.  When a crisis situation occurs in a community, basic lifelines are maximized or otherwise unavailable and responders are stretched thin as the community attempts to recover.  ERUdyne brings a unique skillset and solution to address the need for additional resources and support. 


ERUdyne’s solution is to deploy a Rapid Response Team (RRT) which includes SMEs, a self-contained mobile Crisis Management Operation Center (mCMOC) equipped with Incident Command tools, mobile communications, power, drones, and other resources needed to support the local emergency management team. 


Based on the nature of the incident, the impacted area, and the Incident Management Team’s direction, ERUdyne would bring in the necessary resources to provide: 

  • Logistics Specialists to assist in the coordination between local, state and volunteer resources 
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness (via sUAS drones) and Data Analytics managed in the (mCMOC) 
  • Additional Lifeline Infrastructure support for responders, such as construction, utilities, communications, and security specialists 
  • Crisis Management Counseling for affected victims 
  • Volunteer Management of Additional Resources (Private Sector, Spontaneous Volunteers and Donations Management) 


ERUdyne’s Crisis Management Response as a Service (CMRaaS) incorporates a: 

  • Rapid Response Team (RRT),  
  • Data analytics based advanced technology solution, and  
  • Mobile Crisis Management Operations Center (mCMOC) equipped with Incident Command tools, mobile communications, power, drones, and other resources needed to support the local emergency management team. 


The CMRaaS provides a reliable, experienced resource team to offset the most overwhelming challenges during the transition to recovery.  The ERUdyne team(s) that deploy for these missions are US Military veterans and civilians that have extensive experience in crisis management and critical decision making, partnered with seasoned emergency managers, all of whom are trained in Incident Command Systems (ICS). 

Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team composition is determined based on the situation and required resources.  The skillset of the SMEs spans all aspects of emergency management, law enforcement, military operations, private sector crisis management and security operations, including expertise in cyber security, commercial drone operations, crypto currency, and block chain operations. 

Data Analytics Based Advanced Technology Solution

The advanced Incident Command technology solution integrates data analytics, situational awareness and publicly available information into crisis management reporting that is actionable, near real time and customized based on the mission. 


ERUdyne Mobile Crisis Management Operations CenterSM (mCMOC)

other resources needed to support the local emergency management team. 

ERUdyne has a Business Resilience Center (BRC) which consists of a virtual team of experts that uses their individual and collective resources to monitor information, real time, on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of events that could require a rapid response and/or a deployment team for support.   

When the mCMOC gets deployed, ERUdyne maintains constant communication between the BRC/CMOC and the mCMOC.  Information is shared from the mCMOC to the BRC/CMOC and to any organizations being supported at the deployment location on a need-to-know basis. 

The mCMOC will be the established base camp for localized operations and will be equipped with the following capabilities: 

  • Command and Control Center   
  • Enhanced Communications 
  • Solar Power 
  • Perimeter Security 
  • Sleeping/Care and Feeding Quarters for RRTs  
  • Power/Charging Stations (Optional for Community Support — Standard for RRTs) 
  • Shower Facilities (Optional for Community Support — Standard for RRTs) 
  • Food Service (Optional for Community Support — Standard for RRTs) 
  • Medical Triage Station (Optional for Community Response — Standard for RRTs) 
  • Donations Management Repository (Optional for Community Support) 
  • Emergency Management Response and Recovery Team Support (Lineman, Mutual Aid Responders, Communications Teams, Care and Feeding Volunteers — Scalable as needed)